The Superpowers

#4 Boot your Positive OS every morning

When you wake in the morning, your subconscious loads four memories in to your short term memory slots. If its a good day, and youre about to go on holidays, it loads holiday planning thoughts and you are happy. If its a shit day, it loads a 17th iteration thought in slot 1, an argument […]

#2 Ego

“Where ever you don’t want to go is where you will find him”

#1 Meditation

We all have a constant roll of thoughts playing through our head and most of those thoughts are put their by our subconscious(which is trying to identify future danger and risk and so loves to focus on problems, not positive memories) or your environment and the people in it. The first time you think about […]


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Hi, I’m Pat. I write about practices and ideas which I find useful. I subscribe to Charlie Mungers “Mental Models” approach to learning where by one should learn and integrate the 100 most useful ideas from across all disciplines. Some of these ideas manifest as practices, some are just models for thinking about the world. On this blog I attempt to articulate them.

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