What is Philosophy for me?

I wrote this in my own Ubermench note on Evernote today. I keep adding to an outline of what I think a superhuman person would look like. This gives me something to aim for:

-Through the act of philosophical enquiry he has questioned all of his beliefs and assumptions that were programmed in to him largely from his environment as a child, the media and his parents. He has questioned them and where he has found them wanting he has discarded them and replaced them with better ones that he has built through proper research and personal experience. 


For me this is what philosophy is. I think it makes sense to start locally and question your own beliefs, before moving on to question those of society at large. You’ll find that the two over-lap a lot because you took most of your opinions from “Doxa” as the Greeks called it, meaning popular opinion.

For example I was brought up in a small country town which is a long way behind the more progressive views of most cosmopolitan people. There is still plenty of racism, sexism and other traditional beliefs ingrained in these communities. When I came to the big smoke to attend University I was forced to challenge a lot of these beliefs in myself and most of them I changed my mind about. It would be easy to stop there, with the obviously wrong beliefs, but luckily for me I have continued the practice and now question most things about my life, with some really satisfying results.

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