The Purpose

I intend to use this blog as a vehicle for becoming a better Brother, Boyfriend, Son and Friend. I intend to follow the method of a Socratic discussion with myself where I will question my beliefs, and hopefully, define them. I intend to do this in a way that leaves me without conflict in my own belief system.

I currently see myself as having a somewhat bipolar belief system. I have one set of values and beliefs that reflects societies expectations and values. I tend to revert to this belief system when I am operating on default, in the Monkey Mind, being impulsive. And then I have another set of beliefs and values that I have discovered through my reading and general pondering. This set of beliefs is based on my life experiences and reflects how I think about the world intellectual, it reflects the best me. But I only maintain that set of beliefs after having immediately read, watched or heard a trigger or when I am in a very mindful state. Even being in a mindful state by itself is not enough, I generally need a trigger to get myself back in to that headspace. 

So what I plan to do here is ingrain that improved belief system in me. I believe this will let me live a vibrant life, one where I express the true me, where I can be myself and where I can continually grow and be happy. 


I am publishing this publicly because I expect of my beliefs that they can stand up to public scrutiny. This is my first step in expressing myself. I apologise for my grammar and spelling.

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